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Mariposa Enrichment Policies & FAQs

What is the enrichment refund policy?

  • After the registration deadline has passed, refunds will be honored on a case-by-case basis ONLY when the per-course student minimum is maintained. We cannot honor any refunds if the course is at its minimum required number of students. This assures that the instructor and all permit fees are paid. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Refunds will be honored if the above requirement is met AND if the request is made by the day before the second class meeting. We cannot give refunds on or after the date of the second class meeting.
  • Any refunds will reflect the unused class sessions only. We cannot issue refunds for classes attended.
  • If your child registers late (after the first class of the session) we cannot issue a refund.

I have a question about a class before I register. Who do I contact?

  • Please contact 

Is my payment and account information secure?

  • We use Shopify Payments. Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. SourceWorks does not have record of your credit card information.

Where do I pick up my child? Do I need to sign my child out?

  • Your child will be picked up at the class location (outdoor classes may be in the labyrinth patio/kinder yard). ALL STUDENTS MUST BE SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN. No children will be released to parents waiting in the car pick up line. This ensures not only safety but that instructors can keep track of their students. 

What is your discipline policy? 

  • Please note that our enrichment teachers have all been asked by the CAPTnS Enrichment Coordinator to be firm concerning children that disrupt other children that are trying to learn. Enrichment teachers will give students a gentle reminder if a student should lose their attention and try to redirect and engage the child back in the class activities. After a couple reminders the teacher will contact the enrichment site representative and the child will need to go to the office. The site rep and Ms. Stephanie (Mariposa's office manager) will call the parents to please come and pick up their child. Mariposa enrichment providers will not force a child to participate in their elective class; if the child does not want to join the class that is okay. What is important is that we don't have children disturbing children that do want to be there.

My child is enrolled in a class that takes place outdoors. Is there an alternative location if it is raining?

  • Yes. Locations on campus during inclement weather have been pre-scheduled for each class. In the event of rain, you will be notified of the class location to make pick-up simpler.

What is your late pick-up policy?

  • Please be on time when picking up your child. Your child's instructor is paid for his or her class time and cannot wait with children beyond that set time. If you have an emergency and must be late, you may pick your child up in the office if  class has ended. Please keep in mind that the office closes at 4:30 so your consideration of office staff is much appreciated.

Can I receive a sibling discount?

  • We are sorry but at this time we cannot give sibling discounts. We are working on adding this privilege in future sessions though!

    Can my child begin a class after the first session?

    • Late registrations can only be honored up to the second class in the session and cannot be prorated. We're sorry, but we cannot give refunds on late registrations.

    I have a registration question not found on this page. How do I contact SourceWorks?

    • You may contact us here. Please keep in mind that we handle the enrichment registration only and cannot answer questions about curriculum.